Solutions by SIS Corporation.

  • SIS Corporation Smart CardsSIS Systems specializes in smart card readers and software applications. A smart card is a plastic card the size of a credit card with an embedded microchip. The microchip has uses that include security, information storage, identification, healthcare, stored value and numerous other applications. TX Systems' mission is to provide our customers with cost-effective hardware and software products and technical services. We strive to meet the needs of our customers regardless of the size or complexity of their projects. Our engineering staff specializes in software development, system testing, e-commerce systems, and PC security.
  • E-CommerceSmart cards make it easy for consumers to securely store information and cash for purchasing. The advantages they offer consumers are:

    • The card can carry personal account, credit and buying preference information that can be accessed with a mouse click instead of filling out forms.
    • Cards can manage and control expenditures with automatic limits and reporting.
    • Internet loyalty programs can be deployed across multiple vendors with disparate POS systems and the card acts as a secure central depository for points or rewards.
    • Micro Payments - paying nominal costs without transaction fees associated with credit cards, or for amounts too small for cash, like reprint charges.
  • Physical AccessBusinesses and universities of all types need simple identity cards for all employees and students. Most of these individuals are also granted access to certain data, equipment, and departments according to their status. Multifunction, microprocessor-based smart cards incorporate identity with access privileges and can also store value for use in various locations, such as cafeterias and stores. Many hotels have also adopted ISO 7816 type card readers to secure staffonly rooms and facilities. All U.S. government and many corporations have now incorporated a contactless reader as an access point to their facilities. Some companies have incorporated a biometric component to this credential as well. The older systems deploy a simple proximity card system as the gate keeper. But as the security requirements have become stronger and the cost of ISO 14443 standard systems have become lower, the world is rapidly adopting this new standard. This market shift is partially driven by the US government’s adoption of the mandated Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standard. There is a rich ecosystem of suppliers and integrators for this standard.
  • Types of smart cards: