STSC (SIS Telecom Services & Consultants)

SIS Telecom Services & Consultants (TSC) is a consulting company providing services in RF, Transmission, Network, Complete Project & Resource Management, HR Outsourcing, Technical Audit, IT Technical Support, Software application and development areas. With offices and operations located in Pakistan, STSC is preceding wide range of consulting services covering both IT and Telecom area. Business analysis, company acquisition, launch of new business or product, outsourcing and network optimization are some of the areas where we can proceed assistance to telecom services providers and equipment manufacturers. Our consulting services help to manage cost, improve productivity and increase revenue. At STSC we believe consulting is all about finding ways to make business more effective and efficient – about giving a source of competitive advantage. We focus on business needs of our customer and provide solutions based on our expert judgment.

  • Our consulting services include • Business Consulting and Planning
    • Telecom Consulting
    • Network Consulting
  • We offer a wide range of business solutions including business opportunities and risk management, to meet the needs of clients in a professional and procedural manner. Services are provided for supporting investment decisions to maximize returns (ROI) or minimize risks, on which ultimate business success is based. We provide Business Consultancy Services in the following domains:

    o Strategy Planning
    o Business Planning
    o Sales and Marketing Model
    o Viability Analysis
    o Infrastructure Requirement Analysis
    o Growth Strategy
    o Implementation Strategy
    o Process Management
    o Merger and Acquisition

    STSC helps evaluate options and potential outcomes by expanding business beyond boundaries.